Managing the rising flood of stormwater is critical to maintaining the structural integrity of your property. Without proper stormwater management, soil erosion can wreak havoc on land and structures. The rain can wash away valuable real estate, sweep chemicals into local bodies of water, and cause untold damage to structures. DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX® are simple, effective stormwater management solutions that can easily be installed on any property.

The Basics of Stormwater Management

Stormwater management addresses the massive water runoff left after a storm that overwhelms existing drainage systems. Property owners and managers who don’t properly attend to rain runoff run the risk of chemicals, hazardous pollutants, and debris being carried off into lakes, streams, and other bodies of water.

Once it has overwhelmed existing drainage options, the excess stormwater will begin to interact with the terrain. Without stormwater management measures, the property is vulnerable to substantial damage.

Why is Stormwater Management Important?

Stormwater management prevents the incredible damage to property and resources that undrained stormwater can cause. Many property owners living in flood zones have experienced the consequences of inadequate drainage. 

During a severe thunderstorm, the existing sewage gutters and drainage system are overwhelmed, causing flooding. In addition to the direct damage of this flooding, the stormwater can carry the following into local bodies of water:

  • pesticides
  • fertilizers
  • chemicals
  • debris

Additionally, your property may experience soil erosion, as the water washes all the dirt and sediment off of your real estate. Erosion can cause multiple aesthetic and safety issues for municipalities, homeowner associations, and private real estate owners. Even if the stormwater doesn’t wash away your property, it can carry debris and contaminants from your property into local bodies of water, damaging those ecosystems and causing massive algal blooms.

How Does Stormwater Management Help?

Stormwater management helps with water overflow issues by giving you the necessary tools to prevent damage. Stormwater management can help prevent the flow of debris and chemicals into local water bodies, and can help protect the infrastructure of existing buildings at risk of stormwater erosion.

Best Practices for Managing Stormwater Runoff

Among the most practical and cost-effective solutions for managing stormwater runoff are, without a doubt, DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX®, depending on your circumstance. Both fully encased erosion control systems will help with your stormwater runoff problems.

Benefits of ShoreSOX® Erosion Control

ShoreSOX® is a patented erosion control system composed of a double layer of knitted High-Density Polyethylene technical mesh, utilizing ripstop technology. This system has a built-in structural roping channel designed to anchor to a secure embankment. ShoreSOX® is a modular open-containment system that is anchored at the toe. It is typically filled with locally sourced organic media, such as topsoil or mulch.

This organic media is tamped after the system is closed to form the slope grade that is needed. When installed, the system stops soil erosion from stormwater runoff and stabilizes shorelines, particularly those that support vegetation.

ShoreSOX® allows plant roots to penetrate, meaning that this system supports vegetation! This system prevents a storm or other circumstances from washing away the soil and sediment from your land.

Benefits of DredgeSOX® Erosion Control

DredgeSOX® is a patented erosion control system. The system is comprised of a double layer of HDPE technical mesh designed to be anchored to a stable embankment. DredgeSOX® is filled by dredging shallow sediment into the modular open-containment system. Upon installation, it stops erosion dead in its tracks and will protect your real estate around a body of water from being eroded and destroyed.

Common Questions About DredgeSOX® or ShoreSOX®

Here we will go over some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our erosion and sediment control solutions, DredgeSOX® and ShoreSOX®, their uses and utilities, as well as the circumstances under which you should utilize these technologies.

Will ShoreSOX® prevent the rain from washing away my topsoil?

This is what it is designed for. The open-containment technology will keep the topsoil and sediment below stable and prevent stormwater and heavy rain from eroding your land. It’ll prevent the rain from sweeping your topsoil away through the utilization of the double layer of knitted HDPE technical mesh.

Will DredgeSOX® protect my real estate from being washed away into the pond on my property?

Yes, as this is much of what it was designed for. DredgeSOX® will be anchored to the embankment of your pond and filled with sediment. The containment system will hold the sediment and soil in place and stop erosion from taking place. Your real estate will not be washed into your pond with a DredgeSOX® system in place.

Will ShoreSOX® or DredgeSOX® help prevent algae from growing in my pond?

Indirectly, yes. DredgeSOX® and ShoreSOX® will prevent rainwater from eroding your land into your pond. SOX’s technology will prevent chemicals and debris from washing into the pond. This will help ensure that algae do not form by preventing the conditions necessary for algae growth.

Where Do I Find a Certified ShoreSOX® and DredgeSox® installer?

We’ll put you in touch with one. When you need an erosion and sediment control expert near me, just reach out to one of our SOX Certified Service Providers near you today!

Do DredgeSOX® and ShoreSOX® have any utility for golf courses?

Absolutely. With our patented erosion prevention system, you will be able to ensure that the bodies of water on your golden real estate remain in pristine condition through even the fiercest storms. DredgeSOX®  and ShoreSOX® will allow you to anchor the sediment on the shoreline of your lake or pond and prevent stormwater from washing down that shoreline into a body of water.

Additionally, DredgeSOX® and ShoreSOX® are useful for preventing unwanted algae growth in these bodies of water. DredgeSOX® and ShoreSOX® truly are innovative solutions for golf courses and properties bordering them to protect their shoreline and topsoil from erosion.

What if my real estate doesn’t have a body of water on it? Can I still benefit?

You can still benefit from ShoreSOX® in particular. ShoreSOX® will prevent storms and hard rains from washing your land into drainage ditches and sewage systems, which can ruin the look and integrity of your property.

Imagine fierce rainwater on your hillside washing away your fertile topsoil into the sewers or drainage ditches. You can avoid this simply by installing ShoreSOX® on your property. Its modular open-containment technology will protect your topsoil and property from stormwater and erosion.

Will my installation of DredgeSOX® or ShoreSOX® impact surrounding properties?

No, your installation of either of these erosion control systems will not impact your neighbors’ premises, though it may make them jealous! ShoreSOX® and DredgeSOX® will only prevent stormwater from washing away debris and other contaminants from the property.

So, it has no impact on neighboring properties at all, except that your land/shoreline will no longer be washing onto others’ real estate with every hard rain.

If you need a plan for dealing with soil erosion, SOX Erosion Solutions can help. Contact SOX today to connect with a SOX Certified Service Provider near you today!

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