Shoreline Erosion

Working in conjunction with Mother Nature

Shoreline erosion covers both lake bank erosion, stream bank erosion, and any instances where a body of water has caused significant loss or displacement of land. This is often due to the forces of wind, rainfall and other impacts of storms. Vehicles on the water, or traffic across the land, can contribute to erosion too.

If not properly cared for, shoreline erosion can lead to loss of land, unstable environments and maintenance issues for homeowners and property and commercial managers.

The best method for prevention

The best way to prevent shoreline erosion occurs during the build phase as this guarantees the appropriate anchoring methods are used to avoid future erosion. However, as shoreline erosion is something that can occur slowly over time, we find that our services are most requested once significant erosion has already occurred.

Our DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX systems have the innate ability to repair eroding shorelines with its patented design friendly technical mesh and anchoring system.

Let SOX help you

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