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One thing which doesn't erode is clients's trust in us

Whether it’s on a commercial or private lot, golf course, or alongside a water body, erosion is detrimental to the aesthetics and safety of any property. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping companies across a range of sectors, including municipalities, homeowner associations and golf course professionals. 

We also understand that your company might not fit into these categories, and as such we are committed to providing custom solutions regardless of the problem.

Have an erosion problem? No problem with SOX!

When you contact SOX, you’ll speak to a technical expert who will go through your requirements. If we are able to help, you will be connected with one of our certified service providers who will contact you to arrange a meeting. The CSP will carry out an inspection of your land, and will then inform you of the work that needs to be carried out and the options available. 

The Benefits

  • Protect and upgrade property value
  • Halt erosion
  • Reclaim lost land
  • Improve water quality through filtration
  • Boost vegetative growth
  • Fast installation
  • Safer than traditional methods

Let SOX help you

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