DredgeSOX / ShoreSOX

What is DredgeSOX?

DredgeSOX® is a patented erosion control system. It is designed with a double layer of knitted polyethylene mesh, utilizing rip stop technology. It also has a built-in structural channel, which enables the entire installation to be anchored to the stable embankment.

Once DredgeSOX is anchored to the eroded embankment, it is filled by dredging shallow sediment into the modular open containment system. Upon installation, the system stops erosion dead and creates an immediate, fully integrated secure living shoreline that supports vegetation.

DredgeSOX® is our preferred method when a water body is part of the project. Unlike other erosion restoration options on the market, DredgeSOX® is quick to install and has little to no impact on surrounding property.

What is ShoreSOX?

Like DredgeSOX®, ShoreSOX® is a patented erosion control system designed with a double layer of knitted polyethylene mesh with rip stop technology and a built-in structural channel designed to attach to a secure embankment.

Unlike DredgeSOX, ShoreSOX is a modular open containment system that is typically only anchored at the toe. It is left open to be filled with a locally sourced organic media, such as topsoil or blow-in mulch that ultimately needs to be graded before the top portion of the mesh is wrapped.

Upon installation, the system halts soil erosion and re-stabilizes shorelines and hillsides that support vegetation.

The short-term and long-term impacts include an immediately stable shoreline, which adds aesthetic value to all properties, an improved and enhanced ecosystem, and mitigated safety risks for residents, workers, and staff.

ShoreSOX is a great solution for new construction, berms and hillsides.

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