Slope Erosion​

Shoring up lost slopes

Slope erosion impacts the gradient, shape and length of the affected area. This occurs due to the forces of wind, rainfall, stormwater run off, and other natural agents, in conjunction with the slope of the land and soil conditions. 

If not properly cared for, slope erosion can lead to loss of land, unstable environments and maintenance issues for homeowners associations, golf courses, stormwater detention ponds and commercial managers.


The best method for prevention

The best time to prevent slope erosion is during the build phase, as this guarantees the most appropriate anchoring methods are used to avoid future erosion. However, more often than not we find that our services are required when the erosion has already occurred, whether it’s in the early stages, or when significant erosion is present. 

Our DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX systems have the innate ability to repair eroding slopes through its patented, design-friendly technical mesh and anchoring system. Easy to install, they provide almost immediate control of slope areas under threat.

Let SOX help you

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