How SOX Works With Contractors and Labor-Based Land Specialists

Our team of 'elites' - our Certified Service Providers​

Whether it’s on a commercial or private lot, golf course, hillside or alongside a water body, erosion is detrimental to the aesthetics and safety of any property. By joining SOX as one of our Certified Service Providers (CSPs), you’ll expand your current offerings of landscape installation and maintenance to clients. By providing erosion control services for your customers’s shoreline, hillside, lake, pond, creek and soil needs, you’ll be providing an invaluable, worthwhile, profitable service, while growing your own business opportunities.

How does it work?

From sediment control to silt fencing, SOX provides full, on-going training and support to all of our CSPs, giving you the flexibility to install our suite of erosion control systems in-house.

You’ll initially attend our webinars on bioengineered living erosion control, shoreline systems and perimeter control to give you an in-depth overview of our solutions. If you think SOX could benefit you, you will be sent a provider agreement. Your on-going specialist training will then begin, so you can bid, specify and install our suite of products.

Want to subcontract the work out to someone else? We’ll connect you to any of over 120 CSPs in our network of trained companies, to execute the project you currently have, or have just won.


  • Receive full, on-going training
  • Fast installation
  • Increased revenue
  • Versatility for your business
  • Access cutting-edge, durable products
  • Safer than traditional methods

Let SOX help you

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