Who is SOX Erosion?

SOX Erosion Solutions™ designs, manufactures and distributes patented bioengineered erosion control systems that immediately halt shoreline and hillside erosion while promoting vegetation.

We educate companies on how to spec, bid, sell and install our suite of patented bioengineered “living shoreline” erosion control systems. Our light-weight, flexible systems, SHORESOX, DREDGESOX, and SOXfence, halt erosion through our patented knitted HDPE-high density polyethylene with “RipStop” technology.

DredgeSOX® is an erosion control system designed with a double layer of patented knitted polyethylene mesh that is filled by dredging shallow sediment into the containment unit. Upon installation, the system creates an immediate, fully integrated secure living shoreline while halting erosion. 

Shoresox® is an erosion control system designed to create resilient shorelines through a single layer of patented knitted polyethylene mesh that is filled with locally sourced organic media such as blow-in mulch. Upon installation, the system halts soil erosion and re-stabilizes shorelines and hillsides using an open-ended containment system.

SOXfence® is the reusable stormwater/erosion BMP technology, engineered and designed for perimeter control, sediment control and risk mitigation of mudslide/debris flow. It creates a safe and healthy environment for wildlife and aquatic habitats.

Use our interactive map to find a SOX Certified Service Provider. We have a network of providers right across the USA.

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We provide the training you need to become an expert in installing our systems. Once certified, the business possibilities are endless regarding erosion control, shoreline restoration, sediment and turbidity management and land administration across all industries and sectors.

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