Versatility, innovation and fast installation!

We pride ourselves on our outstanding, innovative and versatile erosion control systems – not just in terms of their ability to stop and repair erosion, but also, with the right training, they can be quickly installed to sure up any area suffering from erosion.

See DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX in action, being installed or having been installed across a range of different environments and applications.

Time Lapse of a DredgeSOX Installation

In this video you will see a time lapse of one of our SOX systems: DredgeSOX.

SOX Erosion Solutions™ at Bear Lakes Country Club

Lake & Wetland Management is using SOX Erosion Solutions™ to control erosion and stabilize land at Bear Lakes Country Club in Palm Beach County, Florida, adding safety to the players and value back to their course.

City of Lauderdale Lakes

An installation along the canals of Lauderdale Lakes.

SOX BA1 Canal

An installation along a municipal water way in Palm Coast, FL.

SOX Seagate Install

An installation of DredgeSOX.

EvoGuard California

The SOX team in Orange County California, where the county used SOX’s EvoGuard to protect the fireroads, keeping them free from debris and waste from mudslides.

Trump International Golf Course WPB, FL

SOX Erosion Solutions restored over 7000 linear feet of shoreline at Trump International Golf Course located in West Palm Beach, FL

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