Stormwater Management

Weathering the storm with SOX

Stormwater management and best management practices (BMPs) are put in place to reduce rainwater run-off into lawns, streets, and commercial property. As its name suggests, this occurs when storms and heavy rainfall create excess water that drainage systems can’t handle.

If not properly attended to, rainwater run-off can lead to chemicals, debris and other hazardous pollutants being carried off into lake banks, streams and other bodies of water. This creates safety issues for municipalities, property managers and homeowners associations, and causes golf lakes to become a breeding ground for unsightly algae and invasive aquatic plant growth.

The best method for prevention

The best way to manage excess run-off occurs during the build phase as this guarantees the appropriate anchoring methods are used to avoid future erosion. However, more often than not we find that our services are required when significant water run-off has already occurred. 

Our DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX systems have the innate ability to re-establish land and vegetation with its patented design friendly technical mesh and anchoring system.

Let SOX help you

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