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The Making of SOX Erosion Solutions™

We knew the problem of erosion could be solved in an environmentally responsible way. Our interest in finding natural methods to deal with shoreline and hillside erosion quickly became our passion. And so, the development of SOX Erosion Solutions™ began, now over 20 years ago!

We went on a search for an effective and environmentally responsible solution to shoreline and hillside erosion – which included research and development activities, completed in compliance and coordination with the Department of Natural Resources, Watershed Districts and Land and Water Offices. 

Over a 20-year period of research, product development, and field-testing we have furthered one objective: to find environmentally responsible, long-lasting materials and product configurations that, would not only halt and reverse shoreline erosion but would completely conform to the guidelines of state and local governing agencies.

We were very interested in providing a product that could be filled with materials that are native to the area.  The first SOX installations were filled with cornstalks. What was once discarded and plowed into the earth, could now recycled, re-harvested, processed and sold. Continuing that same spirit today, our SOX systems are filled with locally-sourced agricultural products and organic materials.

We at SOX pride ourselves with a strong competitive advantage among erosion control solution providers. While a number of “traditional” erosion control products exist on the market, none of them are as uniquely suited to meet the needs and challenges of erosion control installers. 

Simply put, SOX addresses virtually every drawback and challenge associated with using traditional products. SOX provides a safe, effective, durable, easy-to-use, visually appealing, long-lasting and cost-effective solution. Even in comparison to our closest competitors, the unique features and benefits of the SOX system remain unrivaled.

Does your land our property suffer from erosion? Do you need a solution, and fast? If so, give us a call. We have agents all across the world who can help.

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