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Home Owner Associations (HOAs)

Home Owner Associations have many responsibilities including oversight of the care and maintenance of water bodies on the properties. 

Aesthetics, safety, and liability are critical components of property and community management.

Whether it’s putting proactive measures into place or tackling current maintenance issues, shoreline restoration with SOX Erosion Solutions is the proven, cost-efficient way to mitigate safety risks near the water’s edge and boost the aesthetics that all board members and residents see. 

Expected Results

  • Lost land will be reclaimed
  • Erosion will finally be halted, with vegetative growth boosted
  • Improved water quality through filtrating phosphates and nitrates that can cause algae to bloom
  • Protect and upgrade your property value
  • Maintain your property’s soil integrity 

See examples of how SOX has helped other H.O.A.s

Use our interactive map to find a SOX Certified Service Provider. We have a network of providers right across the USA.

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