EvoGuard Deployment Method

How is EvoGuard deployed?

EvoGuard is portable and extremely simple to deploy. You can find detailed installation instructions to download on the product page.

However, the basic steps for the installation of EvoGuard are as follows: 

  1. Unroll the fence to your designated area.
  2. Slide the posts through the integrated sleeves that are set every 5.5 feet.
  3. Use the UV stable zip ties that come packaged with fence to fasten your posts to the brass grommet holes located at the top and bottom of each sleeve. (Each post should have 2 zip ties or similar fastening devices locking the post to the fence). This prevents the fence from sliding up or down.
  4. Typically T-Posts have holes or notches in the fence. If using a standard wooden stake, we recommend drilling holes or creating a notch to prevent the fastening device from sliding. 
  5. Set your 1st post and pull each post as tight as possible before putting them into the ground.
  6. You can use a post driver, sledge hammer or similar to install posts.
  7. The post should press the bottom rope channel tight to the ground, making positive contact to prevent undermining.  
  8. Once the fence has been fully deployed, place the securing pin in the containment toe. We recommend 3 per section.
  9. You can also add some fill or dirt on the toe if preferred.

Check out our EvoGuard system video

EvoGuard California

The SOX team in Orange County California, where the county used SOX’s EvoGuard to protect the fireroads, keeping them free from debris and waste from mudslides.

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