Wattle Killer

What is Wattle Killer?

Wattle Killer® is an evolution of EvoGuard, helping to define our innovative approach and suite of erosion and sediment control barriers. Unlike straw wattles that are heavy, unstable to use and cumbersome to deploy, Wattle Killer offers a lightweight solution that is incredibly easy to deploy, long lasting, reusable and is extremely low maintenance.

Our technology controls debris flow and stormwater runoff, prevents off-site sedimentation at active construction sites and provides soil stabilization in post-fire environments. Traditional straw wattles have low sediment retention, low permeability and also poses the risk of becoming home to insects, rodents and nearby livestock, thereby destroying your control measures.  Due to the design and manufacture of Wattle Killer, none of these issues trouble our product.

Portability is also one of Wattle Killer’s advantages over other solutions available. 5,400 lin ft of Wattle Killer stacks onto just one pallet and weighs only 7 pounds per hundred fee, versus traditional straw wattles which average over 200 pounds per hundred feet . Straw wattles also typically only hold 125ft / 43 pallets.

What’s the difference between Wattle Killer and EvoGuard?

Our Wattle Killer fencing system uses the same deployment method as EvoGuard. The main difference is that Wattle Killer is a shorter and lighter version of EvoGuard, meaning even easier transportation and installation.

It is ideal for projects that are on steep hillsides, where access is difficult. The material is extremely light and less labor intensive, eliminating the need for heavy equipment on most projects.

Superior results with significant savings

A common misconception is that straw wattles are cheaper and easier to maintain than erosion control systems.

Not true! The landed cost of traditional straw wattles is $10+/linear foot, whereas Wattle Killer is less than $5/linear foot. What’s more, straw wattles can only be used once, whilst Wattle Killer is reusable, making the overall costs far more economical. 

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