Our Engineering Toolbox

Giving you the tools

Whether it’s on a commercial or private lot, golf course, or alongside a water body, erosion is detrimental to the aesthetics and safety of any property.  

Expand your current offerings of landscape installation and maintenance to clients by providing erosion control services for their shoreline, hillside, lake, pond, creek, and soil needs while growing your business opportunities.

SOX’s conceptual designs and technical data sheets are available to request. To do so, register your details for our Engineering Toolbox. Once we’ve processed your request, you will get access to all documents available on our website.

The benefits of using SOX products and learning our installation techniques are insigificant.

Add SOX as another “tool in your toolbox.” All you need to do is get trained by our team and buy our systems. 

Want to subcontract the work out to someone else? We’ll connect you to our network of trained companies to do the project you have or have just won.

Want to jump into the world of erosion and sediment control, perimeter, and silt fencing? The SOX team will train your crews on how to install our systems so you can do the work in-house!

So, what you waiting for? Request our Engineering Toolboxor call us. We want to welcome you to a successful company making a real difference to people, property and land.

Let SOX help you

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