Intracoastal Erosion

A barrier against time and tides

Intracoastal erosion affects the gradient, shape and length of coastal banks and coastlines. This occurs due to the forces of wind, rainfall and other natural agents in conjunction with the slope of the land and soil conditions. Activity within the water, from boats and tides, can also have a profound affect on erosion.

If not properly cared for, intracoastal erosion can lead to loss of land, unstable environments and maintenance issues for homeowners and property and commercial managers. They can also become hazardous and a danger to life if allowed to deteriorate too badly.

The Best Method for Intracoastal Erosion Prevention

One of the most destructive natural forces on existing shorelines is intracoastal erosion. This phenomenon wears away and eventually destroys coastlines and shorelines with the flow of time and the tides. However, there is a convenient solution for intracoastal erosion: ShoreSOX® and DredgeSOX®, which successfully prevent the destructive consequences of intracoastal erosion.

Intracoastal Erosion 101: Understanding the Basics

Intracoastal erosion is a form of weathering that occurs on shorelines, either through the natural movement of the tides or through wind, rainfall, etc. In this phenomenon, the shoreline is progressively worn down by these natural elements. Erosion can change the gradient of your shoreline, the shape of your coastline, and the quality of the water.

This unwanted change to your land can be extremely damaging, mainly if your land is used for swimming, boat release, golfing, or any other activity in which the integrity of your shoreline is essential. Even hard rainfall can cause intracoastal erosion, oftentimes washing away shorelines and damaging coastlines. This unfortunate event can, however, be avoided with the right tools for the job.

The Benefits of Professional Intracoastal Erosion Control Services

There are a few options for avoiding Intracoastal erosion on your property, most notably ShoreSOX® and DredgeSOX®. These patented erosion control systems will immediately stop intracoastal erosion in its tracks.

ShoreSOX® Erosion Control

ShoreSOX® is easy to install. Composed of a double layer of knitted High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) mesh, utilizing a ripstop technology, this system is designed to anchor to a secure embankment with its built-in roping channel. Then the modular open-containment system is filled with topsoil, mulch, or another organic media. The next step for the installer is to grade the organic media before the system is sealed. Once sealed, ShoreSOX® protects the shoreline from unwanted intracoastal erosion.

The double layer of polyethylene mesh serves as an anchor, preventing wind, stormwater runoff, and rain from washing the land away. The technical mesh allows roots to pass through and vegetation to grow, and will prevent environmental forces from eroding your land.

DredgeSOX® Erosion Control

Another one of SOX’s erosion control systems, DredgeSOX®, is specifically constructed to protect your shoreline from intracoastal erosion when an adjacent water body is present. DredgeSOX® is also composed of a double layer of HDPE mesh with a built-in structural roping channel and anchors to a secure embankment on your shoreline. The system is filled with earthen material that must be greater than 150 micron. This earthen material can range from sand, topsoil, and aeration plugs/cores to dredging spoils and/or an organic compost-type mixture.

DredgeSOX®  prevents intracoastal erosion from wearing away your shoreline, destroying the existing gradient of your shore, and exposing the structural integrity of your property. SOX’s technology immediately halts intracoastal erosion by anchoring your property in its existing position, despite the constant force from natural elements. Additionally, DredgeSOX® is semi-permeable and allows for root/plant growth.

Commonly Asked Questions About Our Intracoastal Erosion Solutions

These are some of the most commonly asked questions about ShoreSOX® and DredgeSOX® and their role in preventing intracoastal erosion.

Which is better for my coastal property: ShoreSOX® or DredgeSOX®?

These two modular erosion control systems are essentially equally effective, but they are intended for different purposes. ShoreSOX® is intended for more terrestrial erosion prevention, whereas DredgeSOX® is specifically designed for protecting coastlines and shorelines. You must choose which one is better suited to your needs. Our team is happy to provide guidance. 

I have a coastal property. Will ShoreSOX® or DredgeSOX® help prevent my shoreline from eroding away?

Absolutely. ShoreSOX® and DredgeSOX® are specifically designed for these situations. In particular, DredgeSOX®, with its built-in structural channel, will prevent the tides and other environmental factors from washing away a significant part of your shoreline. The double layer of knitted HDPE technical mesh will anchor your land in place and prevent it from being washed away, all while allowing vegetation to grow.

Can plants penetrate ShoreSOX® and DredgeSOX®?

Yes, both of these systems are designed to allow roots to pass through and vegetation to grow on the land protected by these erosion control systems.

If you have any questions about which system will better protect your property from intracoastal erosion, contact SOX Erosion Solutions. We can connect you to a SOX certified service provider in your area. Contact the experts today!

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