SOX Advantage

SOX Advantage

SOX Erosion Solutions™ is an innovative, photodegradable erosion control solution that arrests hillside and shoreline erosion immediately while providing a foundation for vegetative restoration. By comparison to competitive products, SOX contains a number of unparalleled key design features and benefits, including reclamation of lost shorelines or hillsides.

Containment Unit Design
The patented SOX containment system is made from a combination of biodegradable burlap fabric and heavy-duty, photodegradable mesh. This combination provides excellent water-retention properties as well as outstanding durability. The full degradation period is greater than five years, allowing ample time for vegetation to develop strong and secure root systems.

Subsurface Anchoring System
The patented SOX sub-surface anchoring system securely attaches the containment unit directly to the firm soil of the intact shoreline or hillside. Competitive shoreline products are typically fastened to the less stable, water-saturated shore bottom, subjecting the fastening system to the forces of wave action, wind and ice-heaving, potentially loosening and destabilizing the product.

The patented sub-surface staking system used by SOX, not only provides an exceptional means of securing the product to the earth, it also provides unmatched safety since there are no exposed stakes to pose a risk to humans and animals.

SOX is simple to use and can be installed by almost anyone, without complex, destructive and costly equipment, labor, or machinery. You can install SOX using common hand-tools, and the installation is completed as follows:

  • Place and partially secure the empty SOX system in its intended location.
  • Fill the knitted mesh system with locally-grown organic material.
  • Roll the SOX fabric over the organic filling to completely enclose the material.
  • Secure SOX to the firm soil of the shoreline or hillside using the patented anchoring system

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