Taking the inevitability out of shoreline erosion

Signs That Your Shorelines May Be At Risk

If you live or work along a river, canal, lake, golf course or coastline, you certainly see that shoreline erosion is inevitable. Here are some things you should be on the lookout for:

  1. Exposed cable lines
  2. Unsightly, exposed land near the shorelines
  3. Collapsing land that can cause injury to casual hikers or those operating heavy equipment
  4. Animals burrowing into the lowered shorelines, causing additional instability
  5. Actual land falling into the waterways due to the de-stabilization of the land due to ongoing water-level fluctuations
  6. Water creeping perilously close to homes following heavy rains

Keep in mind that this erosion results in unstable land, causing serious injuries to casual strollers hoping to enjoy time on a community waterfront. Also, there have been many reports of injuries to those operating heavy equipment on collapsed and eroded shorelines. Homeowners associations attribute expensive repairs to exposed cable lines.


Just as important is the restoration of scenery in communities, on golf courses, and in parks. We hope you’ll review the case study about our successful project at Rum Island Park. Our work was part of a total renovation of this well-known recreational facility. SOX’s suite of environmentally safe products restores a living shoreline to its original beauty. In the process, we are also making these areas safer, while improving the natural habitats.

These are among the many advantages in considering SOX Erosion Solutions.

If you can relate to any of these situations, please give us a call and we can have one of our Certified Service Providers discuss how SOX Erosion Solutions is right for you.

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