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SOX, LLC™ Erosion Solutions has mastered erosion control and restoration of living shorelines and hillsides, with its suite of patented, bioengineered erosion control solutions that are stable, long-lasting and compliant with all BMP’s (Best Management Practices).
Our SOX family has been providing environmental services for waterways and natural areas since 1992. We have an exemplary reputation with government agencies, builders, developers, property managers and homeowner associations.
We are headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida and serve clients throughout the U.S and Canada. Distributorships are available.



SOX, LLC™ Erosion Solutions has mastered erosion control and restoration of living shorelines and hillsides. Our designs and installations thrive in harmony with the principles of physics and the unwavering laws of nature.

Shoreline Erosion Control Using Shoresox

It is important to have erosion control so the shoreline can be protected. There are some practices that will actually increase the rate of erosion. There practices are not recommended and will cost even more money to fix. The types of methods are “soft” that are more natural and the “hard” methods are more structural.

Shoresox is the safest method because eco-friendly resources are used and work effectively. It is also simple to use and can be re-tensioned whenever necessary. There are only four steps that have to be performed to complete the process.

The design is bio-engineered to be Eco-friendly and not harm the environment and comes in any length. Because of this, the buffering and filtering will improve the ecosystem and waterways. The water retention and wicking properties allow new vegetation to grow at a rapid rate. He way the system is set up, the erosion control will encompass the shore bank. That means the shore bank will become part of the earth.

Erosion Control Best Management Practices (BMPs)

The primary objectives of an erosion control system are to immediately arrest sediment loss by stabilizing the shoreline or hillside and re-establish native aquatics plants and upland vegetation.

Proper vegetation with hearty root systems serve to protect shorelines and hillsides from erosion. Healthy vegetation also provides the natural buffering and filtering needed to ensure clean waterways and healthy aquatic eco-systems.

The erosion control industry promotes a set of generally accepted guidelines called, Best Management Practices (BMPs). Most governing agencies and municipalities have formalized BMPs that must be adhered to when conducting erosion management or restoration activities. These must also be followed to mitigate the risk of erosion during construction or related activities.

SOX, LLC Erosion Solutions operates by adhereing to BMPs and rises above industry standards for careful attention to the environment during installation and to producing projects tha are stable, long-lasting natural shorelines and hillsides.


LAKELAND — Basically, part of the Lake Morton shore is now a big sock filled with dirt, covered with grass.

The goal was to create a shoreline that is virtually indistinguishable from nature and do it at a reasonable cost, Lakes and Stormwater Manager Laurie Smith said. So far, so good, she added, as sod has taken root on the new land a couple months later. A similar, but bigger, project is planned for the south shore of Lake Beulah.

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