Stormwater Management with DredgeSOX

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  • Leading bio-engineered technology
  • Fast installation
  • Immediately halt erosion
  • Reclaim lost land
  • Improve water quality through filtration
  • Safer than traditional methods

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Perfect for reducing rainwater run-off into lawns, streets, and commercial properties, DredgeSOX® is our award-winning anti-erosion solution. Quick to install, it creates an immediate, fully integrated and secure perimeter. 
The increased vegetation that takes hold on the newly stable and protected area created by DredgeSOX provides an extra line of defense against unwanted pollutants from being carried into bodies of water. DredgeSOX also upgrades the aesthetic, improves and enhances the ecosystem, and mitigates safety risks for residents, workers, and staff. With two decades and thousands of linear feet installed, each new SOX installation is expected to last decades, with a 5-year product warranty.
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