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Golf Courses

SOX Erosion Solutions technology halts erosion of shorelines, lake banks, creeks, canals, tee boxes, and green slopes on golf courses while revitalizing ecosystems, improving water quality, and making courses safer for golfers and staff.


  • Erosion of shorelines, lake banks, tee and green slopes, canals, and creeks
  • Unsafe conditions for golfers and workers  on the course
  • Loss of vegetation and habitat fragmentation
  • Reduced and diminished aesthetics
  • Low-grade water quality and high algae density
  • Loss of original design and structure of the course
  • Golf course budget restraints and allocations


  • Quick installation leading to minimal disruption to golf play
  • Lake bank stabilization creates golf course safety for players and workers
  • Enhanced golfer experience and increased golf course aesthetics
  • Mitigated application run-off
  • Creation of a littoral shelf for aquatic vegetation
  • Improved water quality and reduced algae
  • Integrity of the original course design
  • Utilizing operating and capital budget

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SOX is proud to have ASGCA and GCSAA members part of our staff. Schedule time to speak to one of our golf course specialists.

Use our interactive map to find a SOX Certified Service Provider. We have a network of providers right across the USA.

SOX Erosion Solutions™ at Bear Lakes Country Club

Lake & Wetland Management is using SOX Erosion Solutions™ to control erosion and stabilize land at Bear Lakes Country Club in Palm Beach County, Florida, adding safety to the players and value back to their course.

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